A gift connected to someone’s passion is always a very good choice. With the Holiday Season approaching fast, we have collected here gift ideas that will make every swing dancer happy.

Get inspired and find the perfect gift for that dashing lindy hopper or that stylish Balboa dancer! We also have some suggestions For Him :)

The Collegiate Look

Kid Dynamite Honey

Saddle Shoes, with their contrasting coloured sections, were everywhere in the 40s and 50s. At Madame Dynamite, we have given them a spin with new very actual colour combinations.

Swing Socks Honey

Bobby socks became fashionable in the 40s and 50s, paired with the iconic Saddle Shoes. They are the perfect accessory to complete the "Collegiate" look.

The Balboa Look

Dynamite Rose Gold

Women who dance Balboa almost always wear high heel shoes. Here too, soles are extremely important, since all parts of the foot must be able to pivot, shuffle and slide on the dance floor. With these elegant shoes with natural leather soles, she will not slide, ¡she will fly!

Headband in blue

Headband Blue

Vintage headbands are the ideal accessory for any swing look.

The Lindy Hop Look

Alma Vintage Boots Leather Brown & Almond

Super comfy retro inspired ankle boots to dance until the lights go down.

Beret Hat Lavender

Vintage inspired beret hat to give your outfit a très chic touch.

For Him

ZETA Red Wine

Shoes set the dancing tone and are the most important accessory of all. Everybody falls in love with our collection of swing shoes for men ZETA, because of their quality, comfort and beauty.

Eco-Shoe Cream

Essential to keep leather shoes in perfecto condition.