Discover our first collection of Everyday Shoes for women: New Orleans

New Orleans is perhaps the most exotic and cosmopolitan city in the United States. It is so because of its geographical peculiarities, its unique history, its multicultural character, and above all because of its contributions to the Western cultural heritage that have given it a mythical aura as a happy, unprejudiced and fun place.

One of its main contributions has been to music. New Orleans is recognised as the cradle of jazz. The Ragtime, the New Orleans Style or the Dixieland were heard there between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, rhythms and melodies that prompted the birth of one of the most important cultural manifestations of our time.

New Orleans is jazz, a mixture of cultures, freedom, modernity, intense colours, ... just like the shoes that we present to you today. Handmade leather shoes, with a modern touch inspired by the best of the past and that combine with any look. Or even better! that can serve as inspiration to create your entire outfit.

We have designed a collection of everyday shoes that preserves the essence of our brand and swing shoes collections. Retro-inspired shoes, with influences from footwear from the second half of the 20th century, designed for active women with personality who do not refuse to dazzle off the dance floor too.

Low-heeled, comfortable and elegant shoes to tread firmly, the street is yours! 

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